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How it works

Creating Stem Cell or IVF laboratory in ONE stop

01 Requirement Discusstion

- Customer and Target group
- Number of services per month
- Type of services
- Type of cell treatment
- Standard and Clean level

02 Design

- Clinic section
- Laboratory section
- Supporting section
- Other sections
- Equipment and system design

03 Construction

- Construction job
- Equipment and system installation
- Scientists, nurses and doctors
- Administrators
- Computer system

04 Running the business

- Stuffs training
- Clinic licencing
- Equipment demonstration and run in
- Marketing strategy in Thailand


Innovative Products for Superior Outcomes


Primed-lineage MSCs

Primed-lineage MSCs improve the efficacy of CELL THERAPY to specific diseases

MSCS Production comply with THAI FDA and Criteria of ISCT


1. Donor screening
– Health status
– Infectious diseases
2. Sterility test
3. Genetic risk of cancer gene analysis


Chromosome stability
– Karyotyping


1. Sterility
2. Endotoxin
3. Mycoplasma
4. Viability


1. Immunophenotype
– CD marker +/-
2. Morphology
– Spindle-shaped


1. Proliferation
2. Differentiation
– Osteocyte
– Adipocyte
– Chondrocyte

Examples of healthcare products

healthcare products

Fresh MSCs

“Rejuvenation x Revitalization x Regeneration”

Product Highlights

  • High plasticity and differentiation potential
  • Transiently high proliferation capacity
  • Self-renewal and proliferation capacity
  • Secretion of cytokine/paracrine factors
  • Homing and engraftment abilities
  • Immune modulation capacities
  • No expression of HLA DR (no GVHD/rejection)
  • Size less than 25µm for prevent capillary clogging
  • Cancer-risk and pyrogenic free

The 8 Exceptional qualities by FRESH MSCs

  1. Full sterilization process and system

  2. Standard characterization according to International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT)

  3. Purity stem cell markers (CD73/90/105/34/45/HLA-DR)

  4. Free of infectious, pyrogenic agents, and mutations

  5. Over 95% of live cells and purity confirmation

  6. Fresh cell preparation for ultimate outcomes

  7. Small cell size (less than 25µm for prevent capillary clogging)

  8. Ready to use products, and all assistant devices

current trial

Current Clinical Trials of MSCs


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